Duke Street Nursery School

"Every Second Counts"

The Environment

Our environments encourage children to explore, to go on adventures together and to develop into happy, confident and independent individuals.

 Nursery is often a child’s first venture alone into the larger world outside the family and the home. What children experience and learn at nursery creates strong, lasting foundations which they build from in later life.

We believe it is essential that these experiences are of the highest quality. To make this experience the best it can possibly be, we create environments that nurture every child’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

 Light, airy and open spaces are a feature of our nurseries as are natural colours and furnishings. They help us create calming, safe and secure spaces that helps children feel free while at the same time enabling them to concentrate better when they need to. We aim to provide a stimulating, challenging environment which is a home away from home.

 It’s a warm and friendly place where children are encouraged to explore with all their senses. It’s a place where they can have fun, where they can play, talk and learn together. It’s a place where they ca listen and find their own space if they need it. And it’s a place where they can take some time just to ‘be’ as they discover the value of self-reflection.

 Our environment is a place where children develop into happy, confident and independent individuals.