After school club

Please click here for information regarding the After School Club changes that will come into effect from 1st September 2017. 


After School club is 3:30pm - 5:30pm.


Here is a range of the different activities that we do in After School club:


  • Free play

         Children can choose to do any activity today. We have board games, puzzles, Craft, outdoor and indoor toys and the use of computers            and Ipads


  • Bake night

         We choose our recipes from our "Healthy Hero" Cook book or other sources that promote healthy eating.


  • Outdoor Play and Sports

         We like to make use of our outdoor area at every opportunity and have recently ordered a wide range of sports equipment. However                when the weather is colder and wetter we change our activities to suit . We plan activities such as bug hunts, den building and treasure            hunts.


  • Art & crafts/ ICT

         We have a wide range of art and craft materials for children to get creative.

         We use Education City on the computers and have access to Ipads. We also make our own videos too!


We begin the sessions with the focused activity which usually take us to 4:30pm. A healthy snack is available throughout the session.


We plan all our activities along side The new EYFS.