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EYFS - Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is how the Government and early year’s professionals describe the time in your child’s life between birth and 5 years.

This is a very exciting time for you and your child as they begin to learn and make sense of the world around them. During this time your child needs lots of experiences which are fun, happy, active and challenging. At Duke Street Nursery School we have a very strong emphasis on kindling a lifelong love of learning. We teach our children the words ‘determined’, ‘resilient’ and ‘independent’ as we encourage them to take risks and follow their own creative minds.

All nurseries, pre-schools, reception classes and childminders who are registered to deliver the EYFS must follow a legal document called the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. This supports all professionals and ensures that your child receives a high quality early education.

As a parent, there is a lot that you can do during this time to support your child. For more information please see:




At Duke Street Nursery School we encourage the children to ‘learn through play’ as they explore our beautiful and natural learning environment. Family workers follow the interests of your child to ensure a personalised approach which motivates and captures their attention. Since September 2016, we have developed our ‘in the moment’ planning approach, where our skilful and experienced practitioner’s follow your child’s lead and interact with them as they play, constantly ‘teaching’ them and further developing their ideas.


The Foundation Stage Curriculum is organised into seven areas of learning:


Prime Areas

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

2. Physical Development

3. Communication and Language


The specific areas are:

4. Literacy

5. Mathematics

6. Understanding The World

7. Expressive Arts and Design

To read more information about the 7 areas, click here


Attainment and Progress


Individual children's progress is important to us and all children attainment at different rates and speeds throughout their education.


All children's progress is tracked individually throughout their time at Duke Street, parents are consulted during this process.


The following link identifies performance related cohort data. Click here.